Invoice Factoring Costs

There are several factors that determine the cost for accounts receivable invoice factoring. Ballpark figures for accounts receivable invoice factoring are that you will receive between 70-90% of the invoice on the day you send it to us and the remainder as it is collected. Our general fees for providing cash up front and collecting the invoices are between 1.5 – 3.5% (2% being the most common). The exact amounts for your particular accounts receivable invoice financing plan will be determined and discussed with you prior to starting the program.


1. Creditworthiness of your companies customers that you factor

With factoring your companies credit is of secondary importance to that of your customers. The higher credit rating and the better the payment history of your customer the better your pricing schedule.

2. The Industry that your company is in

Certain industries carry a higher risk than other industries and the factoring percentages and cost reflect this. For instance, the construction industry with risky subcontractors carries a higher risk than manufacturing.


3. The number of companies whose invoices you factor.

While we do have many companies that only factor one of their customers in general the rate will go down the more customers that you choose to factor with us.This avoids “cherry picking” by companies looking to give us only there companies that are late on payments. Factor more pay less... It's that simple.


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How We Determine Your Invoice Factoring Advanace Percentage

Once we have quoted you an invoice factoring rate the next important number you are going to want to know is what percent of the invoice are we paying you next day. The factoring advance percentage is typically 70% to 90% of the invoice with 80% being the most common. What determines this advanced percentage for your companies invoice is also based on the above 3 factors. Every company is unique so factoring pricing does fall in a wide range. Call today and get a quote typically the same day!


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