Manufacturing Company Invoice Factoring

Manufacturing company invoice factoring pays immediately for your invoices. Why wait 30-90 days for your cash when by using accounts receivable invoice factoring you can receive your money the day after the invoice is generated. Manufacturing company invoice factoring is ideal for today's economic times because firms are hoarding their cash and stretching payments out longer and longer. If your manufacturing company needs to raise cash immediately then invoice factoring may well be the solution for your company.


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Delivery Of The Goods

Deliver Your Manufactured Goods

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Invoice Your Customer

You invoice your customer & send us a copy.

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We Pay You The Cash

We advance manufacturers 70-90% of the invoice the next day.

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We Close The Invoice

We collect the invoice and pay you the remaining balance less our small fee.

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We Are A Top Invoice Factoring Company For Manufacturers In The Midwest!

U.S. Financial is a top invoice factoring company helping companies with millions of dollars each month. If you are a manufacturer we want to talk to you to discuss how we can offer you great factoring rates to improve your companies working capital. Many of our customers in manufacturing are growing so fast that invoice factoring is what keeps the wheels turning. Call today to find out why manufacturing companies trust U.S. Financial. to handle their invoice factoring needs time and time again.


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Our invoice factoring program gives you cash next day for your invoices. Why wait for your cash - it's yours and you need it to run and grow your company. Get Paid Next Day!

Call an Invoice Factoring representative today with any questions you may have. We want to speak with you to tell you why our programs are better than the rest!

Getting Started with invoice factoring is easy! Apply below or if you want just get a quote by sending us a copy of an invoice you wish to factor! It's that easy!

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