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U.S. Financial Companies is a leader in the field of invoice factoring. We work with companies nationwide to turn their invoices into cash. Start utilizing our invoice factoring and you can receive your money in as little as 24 hours after you have invoiced your customers. Why wait 30,60,90 days or MORE to receive your money - You want it and you deserve it NOW!


The Invoice Factoring Process:

Invoice factoring is a method which converts your sales (invoices) into immediate cash. Invoice factoring pays you for your invoices on the day they are submitted. All you have to do once you are set up for our invoice factoring is simply submit a copy of the invoice to us on the day it is generated. We then wire cash to your account and collect on the invoice when it is actually paid in that 30-90 day period. Factoring is that simple!


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Submit The Invoice To Us Get Paid The Next Day We Close The Invoice

Provide your goods/service and fax us a copy of the generated invoice to be factored.

We wire you the agreed upon % of the invoice in 24 hours (typically between 70-90%).

We collect the invoice and pay you the remaining balance due to you less our small factoring fee.


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Turn Invoices Into Cash The Next Day With Factoring!

U.S. Financials invoice factoring program can and does help all types of industries and companies nationwide. With many companies practically shut out of bank financing factoring has become a critical part of those companies’ budgets. Because we offer one of the few invoice factoring programs that is non-recourse and doesn't require a contract we are one of the nations top choices in the factoring industry. If you have questions about invoice factoring pricing or how to get started just give us a call today.


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Our invoice factoring program gives you cash next day for your invoices. Why wait for your cash - it's yours and you need it to run and grow your company. Get Paid Next Day!

Call an Invoice Factoring representative today with any questions you may have. We want to speak with you to tell you why our programs are better than the rest!

Getting Started with invoice factoring is easy! Apply below or if you want just get a quote by sending us a copy of an invoice you wish to factor! It's that easy!

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