How Invoice Factoring Works

Invoice Factoring begins working once you deliver your goods or services to your customer. As soon as you create an invoice for that customer you send it to them and send us a copy. We get the invoice and send you a wire for it the same day or next day. We then collect the invoice for you. This process of accounts receivable financing gets you cash, gets you out of the banking business and it gets you out of the collection business.


How Invoice Factoring Works - The Process:

Invoice Factoring Step 1

Delivery / Service Provided

You provide delivery of the goods and/or services to your customer.

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Invoice Factoring Step 2

Submit The Invoice To Us

Your company generates an invoice and faxes it to us for factoring.

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Invoice Factoring Step 3

Your Are Paid

We wire you cash for 70-90% of that invoice in 24 hours!

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Invoice Factoring Step 4

We Close The Invoice

We collect the invoice and pay you the remaining balance less our small fee.

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How Invoice Factoring Works - It's Easy - It's Fast!

Once you are set up for accounts receivable invoice factoring you simply send copies of your invoices to us. We remit your money and then we go about the business of collecting the invoice. Not only does accounts receivable invoice factoring give you cash up front, it also takes you out of the collection process. You can run your business while we take care of the collections through accounts receivable invoice factoring.


Invoice Factoring WOW!
  • Start-ups OK no TIB requirement
  • No Collateral Required
  • Simple Application
  • No Financials Needed
  • No Minimum Credit Score Required
  • Doesn't Create New Debt
Traditional Bank Financing
  • Time in Business Requirements
  • Collateral May Be Needed
  • Long, Comprehensive Application Process
  • Financial Audit May Be Required
  • Only Strong Credit or Strong Companies Accepted
  • Creates New Debt




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