Invoice Factoring Benefits

One of our invoice factoring benefits is that it gives you cash the same day that you prepare your invoice. In today’s tight economy firms are waiting longer and longer to pay their invoices which means that you are acting as your customer’s bank. Another of our invoice factoring benefits is that you get out of the banking business and get your cash when you want and need it which is immediately. Did you know our invoice factoring benefits allow you to factor those invoices you choose and you can use it as often as you like? If you would rather have cash than accounts receivable then let us show you how. Accounts receivable invoice factoring gives you the piece of mind in knowing that you can have your cash now and that professionals are insuring that your invoices are being collected.


Invoice Factoring Benefits:


Get Invoices Paid In 24 Hours

You typically get your cash for your invoices the next day or faster with invoice factoring!


You Choose Who To Factor

We let you factor only the companies you want to factor.


Great Reporting and Tracking On Your Invoices

We have great reporting so that you always know what is going on


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No New Debt With Invoice Factoring

Factoring creates no new debt for you to show on your balance sheet.


We Do The Work

Invoice Factoring elimates the hassle of collections so you are free to run your company.


No Compliated Long Contracts

Our paperwork is quick and easy to understand. We let you quit if you should so desire.


Based On Your Customers Strength.

Factoring is based on your customer's strength more than anything. This means even if you have bad credit its not an issue!


Very Affordable

Invoices factoring is quite affordable. See invoice factoring costs.


Know Your Customers

We can help you understand your customer base with our discrete background checks.


Boosts Working Capital & Spend It How You Wish!

Factoring creates immediate working capital without restrictions on the spending of the cash.



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Stop Waiting 30-90+ Days!

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Our invoice factoring program gives you cash next day for your invoices. Why wait for your cash - it's yours and you need it to run and grow your company. Get Paid Next Day!

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