Invoice Factoring Is Your Cash Flow Solution!

Invoice factoring is the fastest and easiest way for your company to raise cash IMMEDIATELY. By utilizing invoice factoring you can receive cash the day after you submit your invoice. If you would like to speed up your cash flow and free up working capital faster then let us show you how invoice factoring can help.

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What is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring is a method which converts your sales (invoices) into immediate cash. In tight credit times companies delay paying invoices as long as possible, which puts your company in a cash bind. Invoice factoring pays you for your invoices on the day they are submitted. Once you are set up for invoice factoring you simply submit your invoice to us on the day it is generated. We then wire cash to your account and collect the funds for you. It’s that simple. Simple editable invoice templates in different formats like Excel, PDF, PSD, Word and AI provded by Invoice Land - a place where you can buy custom editable invoices for your small business.


Invoice Factoring Benefits:


Get your invoices paid in 24 hours


You choose which customers to factor


Invoice Factoring is very affordable


Stop being your customers financing arm


Invoice Factoring creates no new debt


Gives you immediate working capital


No restrictions on how you spend the cash


We do all the work and collections


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Companies Benefit With Invoice Factoring:

By choosing U.S. Financials invoice factoring program you know that you are getting a program that is easy to set-up, gets you immediate cash, and takes you out of the collection processing. To learn more, get a quote, or apply for invoice factoring simply call 888-581-5990.


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Shown below is how a typical transaction works with invoice factoring from U.S. Financial in place:

You sell your goods and/or services to ABC Company. You invoice ABC for the service or goods delivered. You send copies of your invoices to us.


We give you immediate cash for your invoices. Within 24 hours you will receive a percentage of the invoice (from 80-90%), wired to your account. We then do the collection of the invoice and pay you the remainder as it is received, less our small fee.


How Invoice Factoring Works
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Here is that same transaction without our factoring program in place:

You sell your goods and/or services to ABC Company. You invoice ABC and then ABC takes anywhere from 30-90 days to pay you.


Once the goods are delivered you are basically “financing” your customer. Since the goods or services have been delivered and you have not been paid, you are acting as ABC Company’s bank. If this customer would sign up for factoring they can avoid this wait period and get the cash they need to operate and grow.


Benefits Of Invoice Factoring



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Our invoice factoring program gives you cash next day for your invoices. Why wait for your cash - it's yours and you need it to run and grow your company. Get Paid Next Day!

Call an Invoice Factoring representative today with any questions you may have. We want to speak with you to tell you why our programs are better than the rest!

Getting Started with invoice factoring is easy! Apply below or if you want just get a quote by sending us a copy of an invoice you wish to factor! It's that easy!

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